We live in an big, old, country, farmhouse that is a constant fixer project, on 3 1/2 acres.  Our family includes: 1 hardworking
daddy, 1 stay-at-home mommy, 2 homeschooled children, and a varying number of Ragdoll cats.  Our cattery is a family
project and our children are educated about proper cat care.  With all this in mind, our cats and kittens are used to being
around lots of people.  

While some may call all this a zoo we answer that ...Hey, we are never bored.


This is one of our kitten pens.  The kittens sleep in the crate and so are used to a crate at an early age.  A variety of toys are
available in order to provide mental stimulation.  Their environment is kept very clean.

The Zoo Crew is chill'n on the cat tree.  Every cat needs a cat tree with sisal rope to climb and sharpen their claws on.  It
saves human frustration and furniture.   This tall one is in our living room and looks nice in the corner.  Kittens are trained to
use a sisal rope cat tree early.  Note we recommend the rope and not the carpet on the posts.  The rope can easily be
replaced and feels more like tree bark and less like human furnishings.


We use NUTRO WHOLESOME ESSENTIALS Natural Dry Cat Food, Kitten Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe, (orange bag
) for
our dry food.  When we searched out a dry food we found this brand had the best balance between quality and economy.  We
leave out dry food all the time.  It is important NOT to change the kittens dry food right away when they go home.  


We are currently using Wellness (any) .  I vary the flavor I buy.  We feed canned 1-2 times a day.

When picking out a new food make sure that meat is the first ingredient, not chicken/beef by products meal.  By products
meal is the leftover parts after processing meat for human consumption like the beaks, feathers, feet, etc.  This is not a very
good source of primary protein for cats. Avoid corn and gluten.  Corn is simply a cheap filler, is not a healthy food for cats and
is a common allergen.  Gluten is an inexpensive way to increase the protein of a food but cats need animal protein not
vegetable protein.  It is also one of the ingredients likely to cause food allergies in cats.

A high quality food is important to maintain the soft Ragdoll coat.   We also believe that by spending more on food we will
spend less on vet bills and our cats will have a happier disposition.

Kitten Medical Schedule:

6 wks Feline Ultranasal FVRC 2 way (Feline Rhinotracheitis and Calici Modified Live Virus)

11 wks Eclipse 3 way (Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calici and Panleukopenia Modified Live Virus)

11-12 wks Altered and vet check

12 wks New Home

Next Vet by customer:

16 wks 3 way vaccine


The whole Reid family helps in one way or another with our Ragdoll breeding program.   The main breeder is Angela.