Rags2riches Midnight of Velvetrags
Seal Mitted

It was easy to fall in love when Middy showed up here at the cattery as she pestered her humans for attention giving purrs and kisses as a
reward.  Her button like face with the doleful eyes and chubby cheeks makes even the hardest hearts turn to mush.  Never one to break the
rules Middy is an outstanding example of feline propriety promoting peace, love and harmony.  
Blue Colorpoint

Betsy came to us as an adult because another cattery closed but her transition was smooth because she is such an agreeable girl.  She never
caused any trouble with the other cats seeming to understand cat etiquette.  This large boned girl loves a good stretch followed by a belly
rub.   She will answer to her name with a gentle meow and make sure she gets her share of attention.  
Velvetrags Laila
Seal Mitted

Laila was born here at Velvet Rags Cattery and is a blend of many of our favorite past cats.  With her cute oval face and innocent eyes she
has been a favorite to photograph.  Look in those eyes and just try to say the word, “NO.” See, you just can’t. Thankfully she is never
naughty.  As a kitten she loved to be carried around because walking was such a bother.  She prefers human company over that of cats but
she never causes trouble with the others of her species.  
Velvetrags Duchess
Seal Bicolor

With Cassie Lane as her grandmother and Pixie as her mother Duchess couldn't help but be a wonderful addition to our breeders.  She
quickly learned that her admirers (customers) come to the front door so she dashes up in order to not loose a moment of attention, taking  
her job of door greeter  seriously.  If she is being neglected in any way she will start up with her chatty meow that sounds more like human
talk than a meow.  Being carried is one of her true pleasures in life because she can see so much more from up high.  
Seal Bicolor Lynx

Did your heart go pitter patter when you looked at Lizzie's eyes? Don't worry that is normal.  It is easy to fall in love with this girl after
meeting her.  She is like a work of art to just watch move.  
She has the lightest meow that she greets us with when she sees us. Most are
smitten when meeting her in person.
DGC Marlcreek Capucino of Velvet Rags           
Seal Mitted

Within a minute of meeting Capucino we were smitten.  Right away he said, “HI.”  Then followed that with, “Kisses?”  Any visitor who sits
down near him will quickly have him jump up on their lap.  Comments include, “Oh this is exactly what I want.  He is my dream cat.”  If he is
moved off of a lap he says, “Um no,” and jumps back on.  With his dreamy, sky blue, eyes he has never known a heart he could not conquer.  
We are very thankful his personality is passed on to his kittens.  
Mitted Lynx

If Toffee were a human she would be the obsessed girlfriend you advised your son to break up with.  But somehow as a cat her devotion is
adorable.  She greets all strangers as if they were old friends and demands her fair share of attention around here.  Her kittens have been
compared to velcro kitties because they like to be touching their humans.