Velvetrags Ella Enchanted
Seal Bicolor
Violet x Caspian

Ella combines all of our favorite cats into one complete package and is a wonderful addition to our breeding program.  When trying to find
her, the best place to look is where ever the kids are.  The next place would be the lap of any human on our couch. She does the cutest
purring meow when she is really happy.  If ignored she will head butt us as a reminder.  It is hard to resist her gentle charm and sweet nature
when she is in the mood for attention.
Rags2riches Midnight of Velvetrags
Seal Mitted

It was easy to fall in love when Middy showed up here at the cattery as she pestered her humans for attention giving purrs and kisses as a
reward.  Her button like face with the doleful eyes and chubby cheeks makes even the hardest hearts turn to mush.  Never one to break the
rules Middy is an outstanding example of feline propriety promoting peace, love and harmony.  
Rags2riches Tiffany of Velvetrags
Seal Mitted

Tiffany is a chatty girl but is limited in her topics to subjects like feed me or pet me.  But who in their right mind could resist those blues?  So
she does tend to get her way around here.  She likes to talk with strangers and will pretend to understand deeper subjects if it will lead to
more petting.  Being a cat after all, we cannot expect too much.  
Velvetrags Alexis
Seal Bicolor Lynx

Lexie's sweet expression draws a person in and they can't help but reach out to her to enjoy her silky fur.  Their efforts pay off as Lexie
welcomes attention. It is a pleasure for the eye to even watch her move with her plume like tail in the air.  Typical of the lynx when she is
near her humans she must also touch them often wrapping her front paws around their arm in a tight embrace.  Her kittens have been easy
to socialize liking humans by nature.  

Blue Colorpoint

Betsy came to us as an adult because another cattery closed but her transition was smooth because she is such an agreeable girl.  She never
caused any trouble with the other cats seeming to understand cat propriety.  This large boned girl loves a good stretch followed by a belly
rub.   She will answer to her name with a gentle meow and make sure she gets her share of attention.  
Seal Mitted

Laila was born here at Velvet Rags Cattery and is a blend of many of our favorite past cats.  With her cute oval face and innocent eyes she
has been a favorite to photograph.  Look in those eyes and just try to say the word, “NO.” See, you just can’t. As a kitten she loved to be
carried around because walking was such a bother.  She prefers human company over that of cats but she never causes trouble with the
others of her species.