Velvetrags Laila
Seal Mitted

Laila was born here at Velvet Rags Cattery and is a blend of many of our favorite past cats.  With her cute oval face and innocent eyes she
has been a favorite to photograph.  Look in those eyes and just try to say the word, “NO.” See, you just can’t. Thankfully she is never
naughty.  As a kitten she loved to be carried around because walking was such a bother.  She prefers human company over that of cats but
she never causes trouble with the others of her species.  
Velvetrags Duchess
Seal Bicolor

With Cassie Lane as her grandmother and Pixie as her mother Duchess couldn't help but be a wonderful addition to our breeders.  She
quickly learned that her admirers (customers) come to the front door so she dashes up in order to not loose a moment of attention, taking  
her job of door greeter  seriously.  If she is being neglected in any way she will start up with her chatty meow that sounds more like human
talk than a meow.  Being carried is one of her true pleasures in life because she can see so much more from up high.  
Blue Bicolor

Penny has the gentle and mellow disposition  of her mother Middy.  Never one to break the rules or cause destruction she likes to make sure
everyone around her is happy.  Once she is on your lap she stays for the long haul.  She thinks the solution to all the worlds problems is "just
be nice."
Seal Mitted Lynx

If Toffee were a human she would be the obsessed girlfriend you advised your son to break up with.  But somehow as a cat her devotion is
adorable.  She greets all strangers as if they were old friends and demands her fair share of attention around here.  Her kittens have been
compared to velcro kitties because they like to be touching their humans.
Soulmates Lokkemand of Velvetrags
Seal Mitted

Were you shocked when you first saw his eyes?  Don't worry it is common.  When we went to Soulmates to pick him out Lora had three boys
from the same litter for us to consider.  All of them were amazing sweet kittens so it was hard to pick.  But after about an hour he stood out.  
Any of those males would have made an excellent stud though.  So that just said to me he comes from fantastic lines.  This big boy is gentle
and talkative with his humans.  Just a little bit spoiled by our youngest daughter.  
Blue Mitted

Harmony came to us as an adult from All Star Rags and she is true to her name.  Sometimes adults have a hard time adjusting to new cats but
Harmony has gotten along with everyone right from the start.  I have never even heard her hiss.  She comes when called and is always up for
some pets but is not pesky for attention.  Overall she is a wonderful addition to our breeding program.  
Seal Bicolor

When Ella was 5 years old and ready to retire she gave us a last gift by replicating herself in a kitten we named Millie.   While Ella went on to
have a new life supervising a household with children, we were very thankful we had a bit of her still with us in Millie.  Her bio reads just like
her mother's.  Millie likes laps and is attracted to children.  When she does not get her way she stares hard at us with those big blues giving us
a guilt trip.  
Seal Mitted

Prissy is the daughter of a favorite cat of ours Duchess. Like her mother she is the shadow of her favorite person.  When we have the time
she likes a bit of a chat.  But cannot be bothered with conversations with much depth.  Preferred topics include:  her beauty, the food bowl is
low, where is the tuna, and praise for being a good girl.  
Seal Mitted

If you look at the kitten photo of Siggy you will understand why we kept her.  Like her mother Laila she had a striking face structure right
from the start.  Her eyes seem to have their own inner glow that is quite mystifying.  She is a bit of an attention hog and competes for
attention every chance she gets.  
Blue Colorpoint

Fae has an easy going personality and gets along with everyone she meets whether they are human and feline.  She follows all house rules
and never pushes the limits.  Even as a very young kitten she had an attraction to humans.  The best hour of the day is when she is on a warm
lap.  Her kittens have had her same personality.
Blue Colorpoint

When Marie was a kitten she seemed such a proper little lady that we named her after the girl kitten from the Aristocats.  And true to her
name she prefers civilized tea parties to any other activity.  Like her mother Toffee she enjoys human company and laps.  Other felines are
optional in life.