Public Service Announcement-

The kittens have won the Spring Competition of the Lap Cat Wars.  Buttons (who rigged the competition by generously paying off the
judges) is not a happy camper.  She is currently searching the rule books (being herself the writer of them) to find a loop hole.  She has been
heard muttering under her breath, "Why do I have to follow the rules if I wrote them?"  The kittens are proclaiming, "We are innocent!! We
cannot help it if we are more adorable than Buttons!!"

We will let the public decide.  Here are some photos to help in your decision:
Birkin (Cecily X Knightly)
repeat.. I DID NOT
Trixie (Cecily X Knightly)
"I tell you, I am the picture
of innocence."
Freckle (Cassie Lane X
"Buttons should just relax
more, REALLY."
Apollo (Cecily X Knightly)
"Greek gods never lie."
Tubby (Cecily X Knightly)
"I may be implicated in unrolling the toilet paper
all over the bathroom but I had nothing to do with
rigging the Lap Cat Wars."
Puff (Cecily X Knightly)
"It is possible that I bent the rules, but
only a LITTLE."
Daisey Mae (Cassie Lane X
"I can only speak for myself,
that I am fully trustworthy.  
But those boys over there
are capable of anything."
Jolly the Pirate Cat (Cassie
Lane X Knightly)
"It IS following the rules when
pirates cheat.  Arrr!!!"

Cassie Lane, Oh Mighty Guardian of the Bathroom:

For reasons that are a mystery to us Cassie Lane has claimed
ownership of the living room bathroom.  She sits patiently in the
doorway waiting for any visitors for most of the day and has even been
caught on guard duty in the middle of the night.  As the picture shows
one cannot use this bathroom with out allowing Cassie to accompany
them.  While on the comode the person has to pet Cassie and tell her
how beautiful she is. If she does not get let in the bathroom then she
will cry outside the door and dig until given entrance. She will even do
this with  strangers so we have to explain the situation to guests. If
they feel uncomfortable with her starring at them while taking care of
business they have to use another bathroom not guarded by her. We
feel this is only fair as it is HER bathroom and she has made the rules
very clear. She, after all, is very giving to allow us to use the bathroom
at all.  Visitors you have been forewarned. ;o}

Results of the Summer Competition of the Lap Cat Wars.
!!1st Place Winner!!
Tink worked hard this summer
jumping on laps and licking us
every chance she got.  The
other two winners were not
good sports and did not
congratulate her as they
acted very catty about her win.
2nd Place Winner
Lacy's win was a surprise to
all as she is never demanding.
She just slips onto a lap
without a lot of notice.  
Therefore she earned most of
her points when no one was
3rd Place Winner
Buttons has sadly resolved
herself to the fact that she is a
third place winner this quarter
of the Lap Cat Wars.  She is
considering revising the rule
book very soon.

Results of the Fall Competition of the Lap Cat Wars.  This season we are spot lighting some of our new, up and coming breeders.  Most
of our older queens were busy with raising kittens so it gave the younger girls a chance to gain points.
!!1st Place Winner!!
Trixie is from Cassie Lane and
Darcy.  She has her mother's
smarts and her father's loving
nature.  She also adores her
Aunt Fudge and is her
apprentice, working hard at
learning all the obnoxious
skills Fudge has to teach.
2nd Place Winner
Introducing Pixie.  We were so
excited when Cassie Lane and
Darcy produced not one but
two beautiful girls for us in one
litter.  With her doll face and
long plush coat Pixie is a
pleasure to have on our lap.  
3rd Place Winner
Tessa is from another cattery
and so was not sure what to
think of our busy household at
first.  She has gradually
worked her way closer and
closer to our laps and hearts.  
She mostly sits on one of our
legs so she can be called a
half lap cat.  

The following information may come as a shock to most of you and seem scandalous to the rest of you.   But there is no way around it, it
must be said.  The cats are still trying to come to terms with it all, really, so don’t feel too bad.

A dog has won the winter competition of the Lap Cat Wars!!!!

OK so you say, “How can this be?  A dog the winner?”  Yes, it is true.  We are trying to not embarrass the cats by rubbing it in.   The panel of  
judges have made a final decision.  Maybe you will agree after you read the following letter from a customer.

Customer Letter-  I would like to write-in an entry for the Lap Wars.  I didn't see any Rules and Regulations, so I hope I can write-in a dog.  
I've attached a picture of Valen and my 40 lb Belgian Malinois, Spicy, both trying to go for the gold.  The reason I want to nominate Spicy is
Valen was actually on my lap first.  Spicy, jealous yet nimble girl that she is, climbed up one foot at a time to gain the upper hand on my lap
and managed to not dislodge Valen.  I'll leave it up to the judges.

I'm sending the other picture in case you decide to have a Blue Eye contest.  Judging from the pictures of your entire cattery, it would be
close, but I still want Valen to enter.  His eyes are actually a bit darker now, and they look like they're lit from within.  At least they appear
to be when he's still enough so I can see them.  Actually, I saw them quite well the other morning when he was up on my bathroom counter
(okay, I put him up there so he could watch the water drip), and he decided to put his foot in my coffee cup, then flicker it so the mirror and
counter were covered in coffee droplets.  I wasn't done with my coffee up until that point.  From the litter box to my mouth...

We had a little "incident" recently that involved a candle jar, Valen's head and some soot that's pretty darn hard to get off.  As soon as he
stops looking like Groucho Marx, I'll send updated pictures.

Hope all is well with you and your family, both two and four footed.


Editors Note-  Sadly this is the final edition of the Lap Cat Wars.  Buttons, the instigator of the wars, has been retired and is living a comfy
life as an only cat.  She no longer has to share laps and as you might guess is enjoying being the center of attention.

Greta's kittens went to the prom.  They had lots of fun.  As you can see they dressed up quite nicely.  The boys were perfect gentlemen
and the girls were the bells of the ball.  They ate too much, danced every dance, laughed until they cried, stayed up past their bedtime,
slept in late the next day and were cranky in the morning.  What a time!!