PREGNANCY-  After the egg is fertilized it begins to form a
ball-shaped cell mass. It enters the uterus and attaches
itself to the uterine wall.  The embryo is encased in two
sacs.  The placenta is the bridge over which oxygen,
nutrients, and fetal waste is exchanged.  Cassie Lane is
Lewis's mother.
NEWBORN- The newborn Ragdoll kitten weighs about 90-
100 grams. He is completely white but he can be sexed
right away.  His umbilical cord will fall off within two or three
days and his eyes and ear canals are still closed.   He will
rely on his sense of smell to find his mother’s nipple.  His
only activities are nursing, sleeping and passing waste.  
His mother will keep him clean and lick his bottom to
stimulate him to eliminate.
WEEK ONE-  Lewis should gain about 10 grams per day  
at this stage.  He may nurse up to 8 hours a day.  He is
very venerable to cold or dehydration at this time.  Hearing
will begin as his canals have opened up.  He will start to
purr, hiss, and cry when hungry.  He still cannot retract his
claws.  By one week old color and pattern may be visible
on a Ragdoll.  
WEEK TWO-  His eyes will open and the world will be
blurry as his vision adjusts.  His sense of smell is
increasing, and he will find his favorite teat by scent.  
Unfamiliar odors may cause him to hiss.   He will start to
crawl and even try to stand.  He may even start to roll over
which he will practice over and over.
WEEK THREE-  A kitten’s vision will improve this week so
he will start to feel brave exploring his surroundings. He will
try to play with his litter mates as he learns to control is
body though he is still quite wobbly. During this time, his
teeth start to come in. He may start to purr when given
human attention so this is a great time to socialize with
WEEK FIVE-  A kitten will be able to walk easily now and
will start wrestling with his litter mates.   This is a golden
age when playful kittens are so fun to watch.  Even if a
kitten is eating solid food at this time he will benefit from
still nursing from his mother for emotional reasons.   He will
start to seek out human company enjoying the human lap
and being pet.   
WEEK FOUR-  This week a kitten will start to groom
himself learning by watching his mother.  He will become
curious about his surroundings experimenting with
everything around him.  He is ready for canned food and
will enjoy sampling it.  He may even try out using the litter
box as he now has bowel control.  He will also be
interested in humans as he is ready to imprint.
WEEK SIX-  This stage is when a kitten starts to become
very busy.   He will seem to find a toy in anything and hop
all over a room.  Then in the next moment he will be fast
asleep.  A scratching post will be introduced by now and
he quickly learns from his mother how to use it.  More toys
are enjoyed like balls, mice, wands, and catnip pillows.  
Dry food will be introduced at this time also.
WEEK SEVEN-  By now a kitten will need to be pretty
independent from his mother as it is likely she has already
gone into heat.  If she goes into heat he may be neglected
by her for a few days.  She usually calms down and
returns to her kittens.  
WEEK EIGHT-  A healthy Ragdoll kitten should weigh
about 2lbs at 2 months old.  He is very absorbed with
playing with his litter mates and learning acceptable cat
social skills.  It is a critical developmental milestone for him
to be able to play with other kittens at this age.   He may  
not be as interested in humans as he was just 2 weeks
ago unless the humans are sporting a wand toy.  
WEEK ELEVEN-  A shift in his personality occurs now.  He
gets calmer and seeks human company again.   He
remembers how good a nice scratch and warm human lap
feels.   He is no longer dependent on his mother to care
for his needs and is ready to meet and bond with his
special human.
WEEK TEN-  At this stage the coat thickens up and he
gets that round squeezable kitten look.  If it is summer and
warm out he may not get this thicker coat until cooler
weather.  The colors in his coat will get darker so his
points are more prominent.  He will be gulping down lots of
canned food as he keeps up with his energy needs.
WEEK NINE-  During these busy weeks motor skills will
improve as he expands his abilities. His play includes the
skills needed for hunting prey.  A busy playful kitten is a
sign of a thriving kitten.  His body should get muscular and
bulky.  He is also learning proper boundaries from his
mother that will serve well in his future relationships with
WEEK TWELVE-  He will get his alter (spay or neuter) at
the beginning of this week.  A few days later he will get his
vaccination.  Then over the weekend he will go to his new
home.  Usually he adjusts just fine as if it is a new
adventure that he is well prepared for.
MONTH SIX-  Socially a kitten will find their rank in the
household about this time.  He may challenge not only the
rank of the other animals in the house but the humans
rank too.  This is a time to be firm about household rules
otherwise he may decide he has a higher rank than his
owners do.
MONTH FIVE-  This month is a peak growth stage for a
kitten so his need for food is increased.  His growth will
slow down after this month.  A Ragdoll kitten should gain a
pound per month until 12 months old.  So a kitten at this
age should weigh at least 5 pounds.  
MONTH FOUR-  A kitten at this age will start to look less
like a kitten and more like a small adult.  His head will be in
better proportion to his body.  He will start to loose baby
teeth and gain adult teeth.  Unfortunately he may start to
chew on things but this problem can be solved with a few
cat chew toys.  He will also need his next set of shots with
a vet.  
MONTH TWELVE-  Aww he is not a baby anymore and
has taken on an adult look.  His body will continue to fill out
and his muscles strengthen but at a much slower rate.   
His eyes and coat color will darken.  A Ragdoll continues
to grow until about 3-4 years old.  They are the second
largest breed so males can grow to be 15-20lbs and
females 12-15.  
MONTH SEVEN to TEN-  For a kitten this is  the teenager
stage.   It is a  time period that reminds us that cats are not
that far from their wild ancestors.   They really would like to
hunt for prey.  Firm love and stimulating toys are
MONTH ELEVEN- A Ragdoll at this age will start to slow
down and mature into adulthood.  He should calm down
and like cuddling more. His adult personality will begin to
show through more and more.
This is an educational page displaying the different developmental stages of a kitten.  Lewis is
our handsome model.  Thanks to Emilie D. for sharing the pictures of her boy.
"But ask the animals, and they will teach you...that the hand of the Lord has done this... In
his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind,"  
Job 12:7-10.