Blue Colorpoint Male
Cassie Lane x Darcy

I had to send these pictures, they pretty much tell the story. Charlie came in, checked out his room, had a good meal (he does have a good
appetite!) and then took care of business.  Anyway as you can see he informed the dogs who will be in charge from now on and that was it :-)  
Annie (red dog) who I thought might scare Charlie because she's a hyper Irish setter, seems to be afraid of Charlie or at any rate, moves out
of the way if he is walking by.  Jake who got picked on by my other cat; well you can see for yourself they are friends already.  He explored
and claimed every corner of the house, had a second snack and now is fast asleep.

Thank you for such a great boy.  Oh and what a lover I never knew a cat could be such a snuggle bug.

Just a quick update on Charlie, he's doing great!  We had him at the vet for his last booster shot and he weighs 6.1 lbs at 17 weeks!  

He's settled in with the dogs and it's like he's lived here forever.  Thank you for doing such a great job socializing your babies.  

Oh btw, he slept all night in bed with us with a minimum of toe chewing.  He's already made several "suggestions" on how I should arrange the
objects on my nightstand and end tables, he's quite the organizer :-)

Hope y'all are doing well.  Just wanted to send you Christmas wishes and thank you again for our boy Charlie.  Words can't describe what a
blessing he is so I've included these pictures we've taken over the last 5 months.  You were right "cancel the cable and internet" all Charlie,
all the time, the laughter and love is a constant I don't know how we did without.

Charlie is doing really well.  He's had a busy week, well kitty vet visit, visit at Grandma's house, and he met his fans at the gym.  He took
everything in stride, doesn't even mind the car ride.  Everyone is amazed how social he is.  He really is wonderful.  I'm not sure, but it's
probably not normal to be this in love with a cat :-)

~Anji and Ron
Seal Colorpoint Male
Cassie Lane x Darcy

almost the whole way just waking enough to make sure we were still there and back to snoozing. We had no fear, anxiety or shyness when we
opened his crate door when we got home. Yuki instinctively took charge when he met Chloe our boxer and took the submissive roll when he
saw our Calli Cat as we were switching out their rooms so they could smell  each other’s scent. He strolled the house with confidence like he I
am amazed at how well Yuki aka: Dynamite has made himself at home. His six hour car ride (we hit a lot of traffic) was a breeze, he slept
almost the whole way just waking enough to make sure we were still there and back to snoozing. We had no fear, anxiety or shyness when we
opened his crate door when we got home. Yuki instinctively took charge when he met Chloe our boxer and took the submissive roll when he
saw our Calli Cat as we were switching out their rooms so they could smell  each other’s scent. He strolled the house with confidence like he
has been here all along. Yuki adores the whole family giving each of us attention and kisses. I think he likes my husband a tad bit more since
he tried to NURSE from him!! I couldn’t stop laughing it was hilarious!! He slept in the bathroom with his bed and litter box with about one
minute of crying he slept the whole night. I am also very happy that there was no accidents with going potty. He was not sure of his litter box
I believe because it wasn't the same litter you use...with a six hour car ride, playing and eating he still hadn't gone. So, I decided to take
(gross I know) a sample from Calli Cats litter box and placed it in his and with in seconds he was using the box. Very smart boy!  I thank you
so much for this wonderful boy! You have done an excellent job!

My husband insisted I give you an update on Yuki. We could not have been blessed with a better kitten. He is lovable, playful and so sweet.
He comes to his name, wears a kitty harness and leash in front of the house where he awes the neighbors with his cuteness. He takes baths
and purrs when he is dried with the hair dryer. He just might be a dog trapped in a fluffy adorable kittens body. You are totally right when
you said, he is curious. That little rascal will jump into the cabinet, refrigerator, dryer, it doesn't matter what you’re doing he must be a part
of it. Best of all with me being a child care provider he allows the kids to carry and pet him. He has not once scratched anyone. I am
absolutely amazed at the Ragdolls traits and behavior. He was well worth the wait!  

Here  is a picture of Yuki at the park. People are amazed that he walks on a leash.
I will hopefully be contacting you soon to reserve another.

He still is full of personality! Sometimes I think he has a OCD, because he can't stand when something is out of place. If we leave something
on the table he will wait awhile and knock if off as if saying, "hey, clean this up" or if we leave something on the floor he will draw attention to
it until we pick it up. Needless to say he keeps us on our toes to keep the house clean.  He still has tendencies of a dog, he comes to his name,
likes a bath, begs for certain treats when your eating and needs to be included in everything!  Yuki's best friend is Sophie our rat
terrier/Chihuahua mix. You'll hear what sounds like a train coming through the house but its Sophie chasing Yuki.  Then next thing you
know Yuki is the one chasing Sophie! They love each other. My favorite time with Yuki is bed time. Almost every night he will come up to
me, give me his nuzzled nose kiss, plop down and kneed my stomach. Its a bonding moment and I look forward to it.
Thanks again for blessing us with such an amazing boy!

Selah, retired breeder
Seal Mitted Female

Seal Colorpoint Female
Selah x Darcy

All day today, Larry and I kept saying how blessed we are and again want to thank you for the two precious kitties.   They are doing
great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Selah is an incredible mom.   She will be up on the bed with us – and if the kitten cries . . . Selah jumps off the bed . . .
and right over to check out what the kitten is doing.   On occasion, she’ll hold the kitten down with her paw to clean her – and we can tell the
kitten is too busy to want to be washed!

They are eating well, enjoying all the toys we have – using the scratching post, etc.   They love to play together.    Last night the kitten slept in
her little plush basket next to our bed.    Selah slept under out bed about four feet away from the baby so she could keep a watchful eye on
her!  It was really cute.   Selah is just amazing!  And of course we are spoiling both of them!    

Checking in to say hello and let you know that all is well with your girls!   They are amazing – and so calm.  Even the kitten is quite calm.    
They play and chase one another and love to wrestle.  It’s so entertaining to watch.  Selah is a love bug.    She was just under the covers with
me – laying on my feet!  The kitten was busy playing with her toys!  Molly is incredibly curious and has figured out how to climb on the shelf
in our clothes closet.  The first time I saw her up there – sitting on top of the container that I keep our toilet paper in – I about fainted.     We
keep the closet door shut now.  Sigh.  We’ve also lost untold numbers of rolls of toilet paper.   Just the sight of a fresh roll – mesmerizes
Molly.    And it was hard for a while to keep the toilet paper “intact”.  The potty closet door now remains shut or we’d need to buy stock in

Just checking in to say hi.  All is GREAT here.   Selah and Molly are such a special part of our lives . . .  Thank you!   Selah remains the same
laid back kitty that she had been.  Her main love is FOOD!  So we are very careful not to overfeed her.   If she hears a bag or plate rustle – it’s
like hearing the dinner bell at a dude ranch.  She’s there and ready to eat!   We love her so much.  She enjoys lying in Larry’s office all day on
a window perch in the sun.  Her Betty Boop meows are still with her and make her incredibly endearing.   Molly has become an amazing cat.  
She has “found” her purr and now we can’t shut it off.  We LOVE it!  She is pretty much all cream with a small patch of darker coloring on her
shoulders.  We hope she stays real light but I think as time goes on – she’ll darken up all over.  She is highly social and whenever she meets
anyone new – she stands up on her back feet and gives them a face plant kiss.  It’s really special to see.  She has yet to meet someone she
doesn’t consider a friend.   While Selah is the “angel” of the two (Selah NEVER EVER gets into trouble) Molly is the “mischief-maker in
residence”.   A midnight ransack of the bathroom?  Check.     Unrolling all the charmin?  Check.   Hiding all the socks, dirty laundry and other
misc. sundries lying about the room under our bed?  Check.    Hiding in between the plastic liner and shower curtain waiting for a
unsuspecting bather to scare?  Check.   Yet – she is THE MOST PRECIOUS AND WONDERFUL cat.   She is becoming more laid back and
likes to lounge in our laps now.  As a little kitten she was too wide open to do that.   So we relish when she climbs up for a snooze.   As I type
this – she has been lying on the ottoman at my feet for the past hour.   Occasionally raising her head to listen to Selah run down the hall or to
get a kiss on the head from me.  

By the way – the vets all come in to the exam room on the two occasions we have been there.   They ALL have to see Selah and Molly.  Dr.
Bowman bred MaineCoons for many years and she said while she enjoys Molly – she has fallen head over heels for Selah.    And they have
gotten many free toys from the vet for just “being cute”.

Thanks again for giving us two kitties who we couldn’t imagine living without!  I’ll continue to send updates occasionally.   Hugs to all and
hope you are good!

I’ve attached a picture of Molly interrupting Larry while he works.  (She hops up into his lap off and on all day and wants to be loved on)

Most sincerely, Barbara
Pumpkin and Daisy
Blue Bicolor Female
Tink X Knightly

Thanks so much for the good care you have given to Pumpkin and Daisy. We took them to see our vet today for a checkup and the vet was
very impressed with their robust health, cleanliness, socialization and the quality of the vaccines you gave them.  Pumpkin and Daisy are
adapting quickly to their new home. Pumpkin, who was shy yesterday when we came to pick her up from your home, has proven to be an
avid hunter, enthusiastically charging after feathers and balls in motion. Daisy is a little more of a lap cat, but too energetic to stay still for
long. We appreciate all the hard work and loving care you and your family have given these kittens, and we look forward a couple of
decades of fun and companionship with our new girls.

Just as you predicted, at about 6 months they became much calmer, though they’ve never been rabble rousers! Tomorrow they’re 7 month!

Daisy is a real explorer and expert at getting into mischief/trouble, mostly humorous stuff while Pumpkin leans toward quiet, sweet and
sensitive and likes a lot stroking. She has taken up the role of bug patrol ace. She’ll find and patiently watch the smallest ant or largest moth,
play with it awhile and finally subdue it. She’s also very faithful about coming to give me a good night kiss every night just after I settle down
to go to sleep.

Of course, being a well-raised Ragdoll, Daisy is sweet and sensitive too...and exceptionally good at going limp in your arms...Pumpkin often
follows Daisy into new “adventures.” Daisy loves to watch concerts and golf on TV. She gets right up to the screen and paws at the golf ball
or the violinist's bow. A couple of examples of Daisy’s adventures: We have an entertainment cabinet with electronics equipment. It has a
glass door. Last week we heard Pumpkin patting her paws on the glass and I went over to the cabinet to find Daisy’s laying inside the closed
cabinet on the CD player her nose on the glass. She had walked into the back of the unit through a hole for cords and was looking out at us
from inside the cabinet!  Another one: We have a folding door at the top of our upstairs. We had it shut for a couple of days. One morning we
heard a yowl like I’ve never heard from either cat...and I found Daisy at the top of the stairs with the door opened—by her! She was very
proud and had yelled to let us know she had done it!  A scary one: We have a glass storm door and a heavy wooden door on the front of the
house. It was a nice morning and I decided that the wooden door should be open to let some light in. To my horror, when I opened the inside
wooden door, there was Daisy shut between the heavy wooden door and the storm door, unable to move. She was calm about it, in true
Ragdoll style. Mary Louise had closed the heavy door earlier when it was half open, not realizing that Daisy had wedged herself between the
storm door and the half open wooden door. Fortunately, she’d only been stuck there for a few minutes. We now keep the inside door wide
open or fully closed!

Neither of us can imagine not having two Ragdoll litter mates. I’d love to tell all your prospective owners—buy two. It just seems like a
wonderful gift to give the kittens to continue to have each other in their lives as they grow up, as Mary Louise put it. And, the two of them
together are so entertaining for us and they're just as sweet to the humans in the house as if there were only one of them.
They are always the stars when we have visitors. Here’s a story of an amazing transformation of a visitor that the kittens a accomplished:
Mary Louise’s sister  has had a cat phobia all her life. She's always been in terror when she's near a cat, any cat. We used to have to put our
cats “away” in a separate room when she visits before she arrives but it's been different with Pumpkin and Daisy. She was cautiously
delighted seeing them when they were a tiny 3 months old. As they've grown, she has actually warmed up to them and often exclaims, "I
don't know why these cats are different and why I'm not afraid." She's likes them in the room with her and has even petted them a couple of
times lately but we were really amazed last week when she asked on the phone if she could try to hold one of them next time she visits!  That
says it all! We love our life-changing Ragdolls! Thanks again!

All our best to you and the family and all the Velvet Ragdolls,
Cheryl and Mary Louise
Blue Bicolor Female
Tessa X Knightly

Since we have been home she has eaten both wet and dry food, used her scratching post, played hard, done lots of exploring, used her litter
box, and is now curled up asleep at my feet having a nice nap. I just adore her and have already taken loads of pictures.  She meowed
constantly for about the first 5 minutes we were on the road. I felt so bad that I just started chatting away to her, telling her all about my life
and anything I could think of, hoping that the sound of my voice might make her feel less lonely. It worked like a charm. She sat quietly in
there staring at me through the holes with her big blue eyes for about another 5 minutes (meowing again if I didn't keep my end of the
conversation going). Then, she curled up and went right to sleep and slept solidly all the way home :) When I got her home she was
well-rested and 1st Letter- I have had Emma home for not even two hours now and she is already such a DELIGHT! Since she has ready to
explore! She played with ALL of her toys, plus a few things that weren't intended to be her toys, but are now (my camera cord, a cardboard
box, and some hangers). She has been very busy but also very sweet, constantly coming over to me to say hi and get a pet in between
go-rounds with the toys. I just gave her some wet food for dinner (while I sat on my bed uploading pictures) and right after eating she
immediately started meowing persistently and trotting from one side of the bed to the other, looking for a way to get up here and sit with
me. She jumped on the little snuggled up next to my feet and went to sleep, and that's where she's laying now. She is a very brave and
fun-loving girl, but also SO SWEET! As you know, I was worried about if she would be affectionate enough... If the last couple hours are any
indication, I have NOTHING to worry about! She has been quite a little love. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to bring such a
little ball of joy into my house!

Emma is so much like how you described her to me, right down to how she always snuggles up next to me, not ON me, but right NEXT to my
side/leg/arm/etc. I have also found her to be quite chatty. When I come into the bedroom she greets me with a few meows and she also
meows when she wants to come up on the bed for a snuggle and nap. She's a total doll.

I just can't say enough good things about Emma... her looks, her sweet, playful nature, how healthy she is, how obviously well-socialized
and well-adjusted, how smart, how unique etc. etc. BUT the one thing that my testimony does not go into is how pleased I have been with
you specifically, as a breeder. While I was in the process of picking/waiting for a kitten, I had bouts of nervousness and uncertainty about
how I could be sure I was a getting a kitten that was well-suited to my my specific personality and lifestyle. When I expressed my concerns
to you, you couldn't have been more understanding and helpful about my concerns. You did not try to rush me into making a decision or
make me feel bad for wavering in my decision. You were very patient with me, fielding VERY lengthy emails from me and always
responding thoughtfully, giving me great insight into the personalities of your kittens. The way you handled my concerns showed me
without a doubt that you are in the breeding business for the RIGHT reasons. You have the best interests of both your kittens and their
future owners at heart, not dollar signs. I think you breed cats because you and your family take genuine joy in bringing these special little
babies into the world and matching them up with families who will love them and delight in them for years to come.

Just thought you might like a new update on the little princess. First off I have to tell you that I've changed her name from Emma. I know, I
know, I've been ridiculously indecisive about the whole naming thing, but a friend of mine had a baby and named her Emma right around
the time I settled on the name and it just didn't seem right anymore. Her new name is Annabelle, but I never call her that. To me, she is still
pretty girl, little miss, sweet baby, cutie pie, prissy sissy, little one etc. etc. LOL. I hope she doesn't have an identity crisis from all the
names. I realize I'm totally sabotaging any chance of ever teaching her to respond to her name.

Anyway I took her to her second vet visit today. At first she was happy as a clam and the entire staff was totally enthralled with her cuteness
and sweetness, but THEN they started with the needles and she was NOT a happy camper (not that I blame her!). She got the rest of her
kitten vaccinations today and I also had her microchipped, just in case she ever does get out of the house. Although she doesn't show any
tendency towards door dashing so far, thank goodness! She was QUITE offended at all the poking and sticking that happened at the vet's
and made her grievances known to the staff who were trying to handle her, but luckily she seems to have recovered from the whole
traumatic experience and seems quite happy to be home.

Overall she has been doing great! She has put on about a pound since I brought her home (she now weighs 3.4 lbs.) and has a very healthy
appetite, though she has a strong preference for canned food and rarely touches the dry as of now. She is still a total joy to have around and
seems to have no bad habits whatsoever. She loves using her scratching post and turbo scratcher and never lays a claw on anything else. I
just recently started letting her have full run of the apartment when I'm not home (as opposed to putting her in my bedroom when I leave
which I was doing before), and she seems pretty happy about it, although I have a strong suspicion that she sleeps most of the time that I'm

I just started her wearing a collar about a week ago (a break-away safety collar, of course). She doesn't technically need it right now
(especially since she didn't have any tags until today) but I wanted to get her used to it while she's still little. She adjusted pretty quickly to it
and now doesn't seem to even notice it anymore.

My mom came to town last week for a couple days and she brought her dog, Jack, a 12 lb. longhaired chihuahua mix and we introduced the
two of them. They warmed up to each other really quickly and I think if she had been in town one more day they would have probably been
best friends for life. In two weeks I am going to take little cutie pie on her first long road trip and she will see Jack again. I will be driving to
Florida to spend a long break with my family. I am a little nervous because I don't want her to be upset by the change in location and
routine, but if there's one thing I feel confident of, it's that if any kitten can handle it, she can! For such a little thing, she has constantly
impressed me with how confident and resilient she is. She only lets things tick her off or startle her for a moment or two and then she seems
to get her stride right back. I should take lessons from her on that!

I'm attaching some pictures that I snapped yesterday. I'm not sure if it shows in the pics but I think she has already visibly grown and
changed quite a bit since 12 weeks. Why do they have to grow up so fast? Oh well, she does seem to get more beautiful all the time so I guess
I can deal with the fact that she can't be a baby forever.

Annabelle is doing wonderfully and everyone loves her so much. She is a year old now and gets more beautiful and sweet all the time.

Best, Carly
Angel x Tucker
Seal Mitted Lynx Female

Seal Bicolor Female
Tess x Knightly

Annie is doing fine, she is SOOO SWEEEEET! Everyone has fallen in love with her.  I wanted to let you know we were interested in another
kitten.  I know they have not been born yet but if you have a female available that would be our preference.  Annie has been great and has
not even paid attention to what Jingle does. My older cats aren't much for playing but they have been tolerable cause she's so cool.  My
husband just loves her temperament  and she has been so friendly to everyone that has come by to see her.  So let me know and I can get a
deposit out to you this week.

we ended up changing Brittany to “Tumble Tots” or Tumbles for short…. It fits her so well. She is getting along soooooo well with Annie as
you can see from the pics. They play hide and seek chasing each other from room to room. You should adopt these cats out in pairs, it is cute

~Brian & Tina

Seal Bicolor Female
Cecily x Darcy

It has been one week since we added our new bi-color to our family and I thought you might like a update.  We have named her Shayna
(which means beautiful)  She has adapted so fabulously.  The dogs love her and she is no longer afraid of them but still a little standoffish but
very curious.  Lillie lets her go nosy, nosy and watches her constantly.  Jennie is still a little grumpy, but not aggressive at all.  At night I put
her in her own room and also nap time during the day, but mostly she is out with the family, jumping on our laps and computers and
following me everywhere.  She is a joy.  Thank you for bringing our little Shayna into our lives.  She is everything a little ragdoll kitty should

Well, I wasn't sure who Shayna took after until I looked up her Daddy, Darcy.  She is quite the personality.  Shayna is so outgoing and
friendly that I have to watch her really closely.  She makes a mad dash if you call her, leaps on the bed or chair and give hugs and kisses, and
then she's off again.  She is absolutely fearless and will eat out of anyone's dish, dog, cat or person if we let her.  (We don't let her)  She's
getting darker and furrier every day.  I think she will be darker than her Mom.. What a beauty and very captivating.  She follows me
everywhere and mews to me if she doesn't see me.  As active as she is, she loves to be held and sleeps in my arms every night.  What fun she

I think you can see her eyes are still that show stopper blue that is like a magnet for people. Her coloring is getting quit beautiful with a
beautiful saddle on her back. Her white is very white and oh, that tail, it is like a plume. She has a white perfect zigzag stripe on her back
where the saddle stops and the tail begins. She is so perfectly evenly marked everywhere. Of course her personality is still a calm and
charming as ever. Thank you for letting me have her, she should have been a show cat. (my vet's quote)


Prince Tucker
Seal Mitted Male with a Blaze
Lacy x Darcy

Angela, just wanted to let you know "Prince Tucker" is doing great and we are having so much fun with him.  He waltzed into our home (and
hearts) with his head and tail held high like he owned the placed.  He is adorable, cuddly and playful.  He is definitely not shy and loves
everybody, and everybody loves him.  We call him out little love-bug purring machine.  The minute you pick him up he starts purring.  He
loves to give kisses and then he will nip you on the nose.  He knows his name and will come when you call him.  He will follow you
everywhere and loves to come into the bathroom when you are bathing.  If you leave a closet door or cabinet door open he is there to
explore it.  He has excellent litter box and scratching post habits.  He is getting more handsome every day and we absolutely love his little
blaze.  We can't imagine life without him now.  Thank you again for sharing Tucker with us, he is exactly what we needed and hoped for.   

Angela, it is so hard to get a good picture of Tucker because when he sees the camera he will immediately get up to inspect the camera.  He is
very inquisitive and has to inspect everything.  Tucker is still entertaining us daily and has become an important part of our family. We love
him more each day.  Morgan & Madison,  my niece's two daughters,  have also fallen in love with him and love to come play with him.  
Tucker played so hard last week that after Morgan and Madison left he went into the bedroom and had himself an hour long nap.   Words
cannot express the joy that both my husband and I feel at finally having Tucker as a part of our family.  You and your family's  breeding and
nurturing skills made this possible and we can not thank you enough.

A year ago, Tucker came to live with us and has continued to rule our home with his soft furry paws and loving heart .  Tucker considers this
"his house" and he only lets us live with him to supply his needs.  He is still a  love-bug purring machine.  I joke and say we should have
named him "Shadow" because he is always one step behind me helping me with everything I do -- cooking, dusting, vacuuming --  it doesn't
matter what I am doing he is right there with me. We can't take a bath without him -- if he is not sitting on the tub he is guarding the bathroom
door.  He loves to get in the bathroom sink and take a nap.  When I sit down at the computer I have to put the keyboard in my lap because he
likes to lay on the computer desk so he can chase the arrow on the computer screen.  As I type this note he is laying on the computer desk in
front of me.  Tucker has mastered the Ragdoll  flop and will flop anywhere at any time.  If  you ask him for kisses he will first lick you and
then nip you on the nose.   When we leave the house and return we can always depend on him being by the door to welcome us home.  He has
many toys, but his favorite thing to play with is the locking ring from a gallon milk jug.  He keeps us laughing at the different things he can get
into --  trashcans, closets, cabinets, paper bag, boxes.  He is still very inquisitive and inspects everything that we bring into the house. He
loves to lay in his cat cradle and watch the birds outside.  There is not anything that is too high for him to climb-up on.  He is a neat freak in
that if any of his dry food falls out of his food bowl he will eat it first, before he eats out of the bowl.  We now wonder what we did for
entertainment before we had Tucker.  Angela we have really enjoyed our 1st year with Tucker and hope to have many more years with him.  
He has become such a handsome, mellow, loving boy and we love him so much.  Many thanks to you and your family for sharing Tucker
with us.

Now owned by "Prince Tucker" --  Carolyn & Manuel

Seal Mitted Male
Selah X Knightly

I thought I'd send you a note and let you know how Tobey is doing.  He is so funny and energetic.  I've nicknamed him "The Pistol".  You
really do raise wonderful kittens.  He is so well adjusted and socialized.  He doesn't run when people come over.  He wants to get right up
there and meet them.  I love that.  He and Angel are also getting along pretty well.  They're not best buds yet but they're on the right
track.  Angel just watches him and vice versa.  Then they'll touch noses and turn away.  It's really cute.  I've sent you a few pictures so you
can see how much he's grown.  He's such a sweetie...when he finishes playing that is.  He loves his play time, he follows me and my
husband around, and wants to cuddle at 4:00 in the morning!  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for this little bundle of fur.  He's so

I've been meaning to send you some updated pictures of Tobey over the past few months.  He has changed so much and he is such a
handful!  He's the trouble-maker in the house.  He and the dog get along great.  They miss each other when they're apart...even though
they "seem" not to care.  It's sooo funny.  I just can't express how much we love Tobey.  He has become such a blessing in our house.  
This is my husband's first cat and you can tell he adores him.  Tobey's developed his own language too.  He sounds almost like a bird, so
we say that he's "chirping".  I can't get over how well adjusted he is.  He loves people.  I'm just so glad we decided to use you as a
breeder.  I've been so happy with Tobey.  If we ever decide to get a second cat, I'll definitely get one from you again.  You do such a great
job!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures.  He looks just like his mother, Selah.
Thanks again!  -Tracie
Seal Colorpoint Female
Cassie Lane X Tucker

Daisey Mae
Blue Mitted Female
Cassie Lane X Knightly

In the past six months, we have been blessed with two kittens from Angela Reid and the Velvet Rags Cattery.  Each kitten is uniquely
delightful and very special to us.  Our home is full of love … simply from having these two kittens.  They always greet us on our return
home and are always close at hand (or our ‘feet’).  They welcome and love all that enter our home … old acquaintances or total
strangers.  Sophie is exquisite, playful and ‘Sophiesticated’.  Daisy Mae is such a subtle charmer … she warms your heart by just being

Sophie, our first kitten, came home with us within 24 hours of our first visit to Velvet Rags.  We had unexpectedly lost our thirteen year old
cat, and we very much wanted to have a Ragdoll kitten.  Angela worked with us and was able to let us have Sophie.  Sophie was such a
loving kitten:  there was not a single person that she did not 'adopt'.  No one was a stranger; she was in their laps sharing and absorbing
love and ‘kisses’.  She has blossomed into a beautiful seal colorpoint weighing nearly 12 pounds at ten months of age.  

Sophie had so much love to share, it became quite apparent that she needed another kitty playmate.  That led us to seek another
Ragdoll kitten and to our second kitten from Angela …

Daisy Mae, a mitted blue point and seven months younger than Sophie, owned us the first day we met her.  Within minutes of our
meeting, she repeatedly climbed into and out of my wife’s lap and ultimately went to sleep in my hand!  We’ve only had Daisy Mae for five
weeks … she loves to play with her toys and scamper about the house … always entertaining herself with toys, us or her sister.  In this
short time she has grown to be Sophie’s playmate; always insisting on playing with (pestering?) older sister Sophie. Sophie seems to be
the loving mother type and perseveres the advances of the charging Daisy Mae.  Sometimes licking her face, or rolling in the floor
playing, or, sometimes, putting her big paw delicately on Daisy Mae’s forward … seemingly saying, “That’s enough for now.”

One charming trait of both our kittens is the way they tell us that they love us and want to play:  they run and butt into our legs.

The joy, love, attention and entertainment from these two adorable kittens are a pleasure to experience.  We couldn’t have anticipated the
enjoyment that has come our way from just these two little kittens … from the Velvet Rags Cattery under the watchful eye of Angela Reid.

Thanks so much for what you do to share these delightful creatures with us!!

P.S. Both kittens seem to have their mother’s ( Cassie Lane ) duty of ‘guarding’ the bathroom doorway.  (We always are watchful of where
we are stepping.     )

~Nancy and Allan
Molly and Roxy

I am writing you to let you and your family know how the girls have adjusted to their new home. They are the most amazing kittens and
have transition so well to their new surroundings and family. When we brought them in their “safe” room we had set up in our large master
bath they came out of the carrier with their tails straight up and explored the room and their new toys. Since they were doing so well after
about 3 hours we let them explore one room at a time and saw they were very content to keep exploring. Friday evening they were having
a ball playing in the living room and explored every level of the cat tree condo we built. Honestly, it’s like this has always been there home.
I am so very thrilled with our new additions. Although, Precious our 10 year old cat has not warmed up to our new family members. She
has purposely kept her distance until Sunday when she decided to join us in the same room. I am praying that with several months of
patience and keeping her feeling she has not been replaced that she may be more accepting of them. Roxy has been the one who keeps
trying to approach her and make friends but Precious is not at that point yet. Molly is very active and loves to climb to the top of the tree
condo. They both have incredible purrers. lol
I just want you to know that I have spent many hours through the years reading and learning about Ragdoll kittens and cats and you have
breed our Ragdoll kittens that have exceeded my expectations. We had even explored two Ragdoll "catteries" breeders in VA. We were
not "sold" on either, in fact I was told by one breeder I was too picky. I just knew we would get our kittens when the time was right from the
right breeder and I am very thankful when I received your email that you sent to your "waiting list" contacts that Molly and Roxy were
available. My family have always had kittens and cats and have a strong love for them. However there is truly is a difference in this breed
and worth every penny paid for them. Thank you for all the pictures sent, communications and time spent with our kittens to develop the
perfect Ragdoll!
Thanks again and I will send you some photos and keep you posted as they grow.

I just wanted to give you an update on Molly and Roxy. They are growing fast and are so smart. They had their vet visit last Friday and
they stayed true to their personalities. Molly was examined first and she was extremely vocal when she received her shots and Roxy never
made a peep when she received hers. Molly is our talker, she meows to be picked up or when we are preparing her food while Roxy just
looks at you with those beautiful blue eyes. Roxy has stayed ahead of Molly with her weight. At the vets Roxy was 5 lbs and Molly was 4.2
lbs. This Friday I weighed them and Roxy was up to 5.7 and Molly 4.8. We have enjoy them so much and so glad we bought both of them.
They have so much fun playing with each other and I love seeing their different personalities and looks. I took some video of them playing
with the round toy that has the ball and scratcher in the middle. It was hilarious to watch them. I put it on You Tube and I would love for
you to watch it. Molly started "the game" and it was like they would roll it to each other and stop the ball before they would roll it back. I
have also been working with them on learning commands and they are super smart. Roxy seem to have the most motivation as she loves
to eat especially the freeze dried chicken treats. So Roxy has been preforming on queue for those treats. Molly is just as smart just not as
interested. They both have learned how to sit on command and they have learned to give a "high five" and to "shake" their paw. I have
taken some videos of them doing these things and will have them on You Tube too soon if you would like me to send them to you and
your family to watch I will be glad to do so. We just love them so much and thankful we came to your cattery to get our new family
members. I just look forward to coming home and playing with them. It is funny to watch them sleep in all kinds of positions. I love how they
are "floppy". Molly has really bonded with me. She follows me if I leave the room and she loves to show affection to me by rubbing her face
around mine and my neck. Roxy is also very friendly and does not know a stranger.  Again I want to thank you for the wonderful Ragdoll
kittens you have raised. I believe it makes a huge difference on how they are raised and keeping their bloodline true Ragdoll personalities
and disposition.

They are amazing Ragdolls and we love them so much. Roxy is our big girl. I have weighed them weekly since we got them and Roxy
weighs 11lb 15oz and Molly 9lbs 7oz. I have taught them to sit, high five, shake paw, and laid down, and roll over on command. Molly has
finally started fetching with using hair ties and she loves playing the fetch game. Each one has their own personality different from the

Molly is our (race car) she has lots of energy. She loves to look outside, it is one of her favorite sports to lay on the back of the sofa and
look out the window. Molly has this thing with the TV, She loves to run up to in and jumps on the stand and meows as she is doing it
because she knows it’s a no no. Molly sometimes likes to jump in the bathtub when she hears the water turn on and then jumps out when
shower turns on. Then she will lay in one of my double sinks while I am getting ready for work. She also like to be held with me supporting
her back legs and her front paws hang over my arms. She loves to watch where I am walking and things I am doing while I hold her like
that. She also leaves us presents in out bed at night by bringing her toys in bed. One night she had brought 5 toys in bed for us....that
was a busy night. lol.

Roxy she is our gentle giant she love to play with a certain toy, which is on a string that you toss with her. She loves laying on our glass
coffee table and end table and if anything is on it she gently pushes it to the edges until it falls on the floor, as to say please keep your
stuff off of my table. She love to smell smells and give kisses and licks. Roxy is not as confident as Molly with her jumping skills. Roxy love
to explore drawers and cabinets. If one opens she is right there to go in as far as she can and explore. She has even learned to open my
night stand as her treats have been put in there. She is our treat hound and is very clever. She loves laying on her back and sprawls out.
She is also the first to greet new people and seems to love the guys.

I just wanted to let you know how great they are doing and how much they are loved.
God Bless, Kim
Well we made it home around 6:15 and the kittens slept most of the way. I had to get Darla out and put her in my lap for about 45 mins.
She wanted to watch the traffic, etc. Then when we stopped at the drive-thru to get a burger I put her back in the crate and she slept the
rest of the way. Everybody has found the litter box and peed, including us. ha ha The kittens are acting like this has been their home
forever, especially the seal mitted, Ollie. Darla is playing and running around everywhere as well. Stanley, the blue, is a little more
reserved but has started to play. Darla and Stanley have already been using the scratching post on the cat tree. Ollie is acting like he
owns the place. Our daddy cat, Pepe', who is 7 yrs. old, LOVES the kittens, especially Ollie. They have been playing and running after
one another. It is so funny watching them. Ollie thinks he's a big dude just like Pepe'. ha ha Pepe' ran up to the top of the cat tree and
they all looked at him like, "Woe dude, how'd you do that?" Thanks again for everything!

2nd LETTER:  
Just wanted to let you know that even though it's only been a week all three kittens have settled in wonderfully. As a matter of fact, we
woke up this morning to find Stanley (blue bi-color) sleeping between us. I started petting him and he came and gave me kisses on my
nose and laid down right next to my chest. Darla is a typical female. She is glad to let you hold and cuddle with her but only when she says
so. She has the most beautiful eye color I have ever seen and her facial features bring out her eye color even more. Then there is Ollie
(seal mitted). We are soooo glad we decided to add him to our family even if it was at the last minute. He is a hoot and is so cute with that
brown nose! He is totally fearless and a true comedian. He has to be with us and know everything we are doing. Whenever we open a
door or drawer he is there before you can blink your eyes. He has helped me put dishes in the dishwasher and take them out. He is there
every time I go to the bathroom. When he sleeps in our arms or laps he goes totally limp.
You and your kids did a great job of socializing the kittens. They aren't afraid of anyone or of any noises. Our three-year old grandson
can pick them up and they don't mind at all.
They are all eating well and using the litter box. They play really hard and take naps in between playtimes. I have some pictures to send
you a little later. Thank you so much for all you do to breed excellent Ragdolls! We'll keep in touch.