BROTHER, mom told you to stop talking like that!!
Ragdolls can reduce your winter heating bill.
Upon finishing a refreshing bath, Knightly
decided to try out the 80's big hair look.
The canary is safe.
Don't ask about the goldfish.

Really, the box says it all.

All our Ragdoll kittens go to Sunday School
to learn their Bible lessons.

Kissing Ragdolls is highly
recommended to all teenage
girls and is lots more fun than
kissing teenage boys.

Even Ragdolls like to be
That is right, buddy...
Just step away from the catnip
and everything will be OK.

Did you check the dog's alibi?

Have car seat...
Will travel.

I am not in denial...
I know I am fat and lazy.

Some say I am irresistible.

A result of too many seconds on dessert.

The classic Ragdoll flop.  Please do not tell this
Ragdoll that he is not human.

The milk bar is open.
Good rates.

Look into my eyes......
Look deeply into my eyes......
Now calmly, hand over the chicken.

Send reinforcements, quickly!!

After a busy day on the cat tree, Darcy is
finally able to relax on the couch.