Mainelycountry Aslan of Velvet Rags           
Blue Mitted

With his outgoing personality Aslan has never known a stranger and therefore loves everyone alike.  He is such an attention hog that he
will obnoxiously roll on the ground in front of us until we pet him.  He always comes when called and head butts us when he is happy.  
Like most extroverts he is always available for a party and never needs time to himself.  He gives the term "party animal," a new meaning.
He is one of those few cats who actually like to be hugged and cuddled.  His kittens do inherit his adorable personality.
DGC Marlcreek Capucino of Velvet Rags           
Seal Mitted

Within a minute of meeting Capucino we were smitten.  Right away he said, “HI.”  Then followed that with, “Kisses?”  Any visitor who sits
down near him will quickly have him jump up on their lap.  Comments include, “Oh this is exactly what I want.  He is my dream cat.”  If he
is moved off of a lap he says, “Um no,” and jumps back on.  With his dreamy, sky blue, eyes he has never known a heart he could not
conquer.  We are very thankful his personality is passed on to his kittens.