The wonderful Londono family has gotten two Ragdolls from us because, "One is just not enough."  The testimony for the first and
second kitten follows.

Seal Bicolor Male
Cecily X Tucker

I can't begin to tell you how much we love this little guy, Jasper.  He has the best disposition, he is loving, he is playful and the best cat
we've ever had. We just love him so much we can't imagine not having him now.  He loves my son most of all and he gives him kisses
just like he did with your son. By the way he loves his cat trees.  Thank you again for giving us this amazing pet that is now our new
baby.   We will never regret buying this cat, he has been worth every penny.  Everyone that meets him fall in love with him.  He is one of
a kind.   Thank you again for being such a great breeder, you do the best job with the cats.

Blue Mitted Male
Madame X Knightly

Just a few lines to say hi and let you know how  "The Boys" are doing.  I must tell you that Jasper and TJ are like peas and carrots they
do everything together.  They love each other so much and we adore them.  I sometimes think that they are a cross between a cat and
a dog because they are so affectionate they are constantly licking us and giving us kisses.  Thank you for breeding such amazing,
beautiful cats.

Flame Mitted Male
Greta X Tucker

Kumo is doing just great and I couldn't be happier!  I don't think I'll ever own another cat that's not a Ragdoll.  He's getting big so fast,
but he's still just a huge cuddler and purr bucket.  He and my other cat took to one another right away and they're now inseparable.  
My little boy is everything I could have wanted and more!  You have raised one gorgeous, awesome tempered cat.  May you and your
family have a blessed holiday season!
Seal Mitted Female
Cassie Lane X Tucker

(Please note Kathy took care of Mitten’s for her mother, Linda, for 2 weeks.  The two letters were so touching that both are included.)
WOW!!!  That is the only word that comes to mind when I try to describe Mittens.  You and your family are truly amazing.  I have had
several cats in my lifetime, but none has ever been so special.  We took her to my mom's house this past weekend, and although we all
miss her terribly, she has adjusted beautifully!  She and Tobi (my mom's 2 year old silver "Chinchilla" Persian) are getting along well
and Mittens' favorite spots are those that Pharaoh used to love.  My mom and I call each other almost daily so that I can get a "Mittens
Update!"  I attached a few photos so that you can see what a wonderful job you all have done in raising the most loving, personable
cats EVER.  John was in tears a couple times when we talked about taking her to my mom - in fact, he went through all the stages of
grief during her 2 weeks with us, including bargaining!  He had tears in his eyes when he said goodbye to her on Sunday when we
were leaving to come back home.  Although he knows we can visit anytime, it's just not the same without our "little bunny fur girl."  
Thank you SO MUCH for everything you and your family do to create the most precious "furry children" & we wish you all the happiest
of holidays!

I am Kathy's mother and the new mom of Mittens.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with her.  She is a doll and so snuggly and
affectionate.  I have never had a kitten like her before.  I guess that is the Ragdoll breed.  She is doing very well getting accustomed to
her new home and her big brother Tobi.  Tobi wasn't very happy when she first came but they are getting to be buddies now and I love
it.  Tobi is a  silver chinchilla Persian who is  two years old.  He has never been a lap cat so having Mittens is such a treat.  Thank you
for the wonderful kitten and I am loving her dearly.

~Sincerely,  Linda
Blue Mitted Tortie Female
Retired Breeder

Angela, I hope you and your family are well!  Greta is so special to all of us. And she is just gorgeous to look at! Thank you for trusting
us with her! My mom hasn't had a pet she loved since before I was born. She couldn't be happier with Greta! Every night Greta runs to
mom meowing like crazy until mom gets the brush. My mom grooms her every evening for a good 30 to 45 mins, and if she stops too
soon, Greta will drive her crazy! She has also brought her much comfort at a very hard time for my mom. Greta still manages to make
mom smile a lot.

Blue Bicolor Female
Cecily X Tucker

I thought I would send you some pictures of  Lovee.  On Lovee's  first trip to the vet, he had to shake her around a little to get her to
quit purring so loudly - he couldn't hear her heart beat!  Needless to say, we are enjoying her very much.  She must be the sweetest
kitty ever, and is Bebe, my daughter’s, best friend in the world.  Lovee cannot wait for her to come home from school every day and
play!  She likes to wake us up by purring very loudly next to our heads, and run in and out of all of our legs!  She hangs out with me in
the office during the day.  When she is not chasing the mouse around my computer screen, she is curled up on her quilt next to my
keyboard.  We just love her so much.  Thank you for breeding and raising such wonderful family kittens!

~The Godeaux Family

Seal Bicolor Female
Fudge X Tucker

Just want to let you know that Mellie is the sweetest little creature on earth.  We adore her and she adores us---and she tells us so,
everyday in a hundred ways.  She follows us from room to room and always finds a comfy place to lounge nearby.  Charles and I have
been surprised at what a calming, peaceful influence she is in our home.  Miss Mellie is definitely teaching us a thing or two about chillin'
out---the pure luxury of a good, long stretch, and how refreshing it can be to curl up for a  nap at every possible opportunity.  Truly,
Angela, Miss Mellie has become a very visible, constant  reminder to Charles and I both that (yawn...) it's really OK (yawn...) to spend
more time just relaxing!  

Thank you so much for working with Amy and I to get the perfect kitten for our family.  We could not ask for a better little companion.
Mellie is so limp and relaxed when we pick her up; honestly,  she almost slides right out of our arms!  She jumps in our laps to be
cuddled and rewards us with her amazing purrs, which she somehow combines with the cutest little chirps.  What a delight!

As you know, we have always had dogs and NO cats because we thought of them as aloof, persnickety and unfriendly.  If we had known
there was a cat like Mellie, we would have gotten one a LONG time ago!  We've started calling her "little Christian kitty" because she is
just so loving.  You sent her to us totally "family-ready" and the way she adapts amazes us everyday!  Because Mellie is so awesome, I
suggest you breed Fudge with Tucker as often as possible.  ;)  Angela, thank you for being such a careful, conscientious breeder. You
get a bucket of gold stars for our very, very sweet Miss Mellie.

The Lord does all things well and Mellie was definitely worth the wait.  We believed Him for a blessing and He more than exceeded our

May He richly reward you for giving us these wonderful creatures called "Ragdolls".  

PS  She was a tad expensive, but, really, how much should one expect to pay for a cat that has nearly all the desirable traits of a dog?  
Plus, she goes potty all by herself.  Hooray!!  Ragdolls are perfect pets!


Darcy (has the same name as her father)
Blue Mitted Tortie Female
Addy X Darcy

Well we have had Darcy (here are pictures of her at 5 months and a good 5lbs!) for 2 months now and I can’t recall what we ever did
without her! She is just as loving as she is beautiful- taking after her mother, Addy, with her gorgeous coloring starting to come in and
with her fluffy soft tail! Everyone who meets her just falls in love with her. We had friends over for Thanksgiving dinner who are self-
proclaimed "dog-people" and by the time they left they could not get enough of her - playing on the floor with her and carrying her
around the room!
She is the perfect companion and follows us from room to room to be nearby and spends equal time playing and snoozing in our laps or
on her favorite perch by the window. And there’s no “tortitude” is in this tortie! She’s as silent as a mouse going about her routine. We
love her so very much and can’t imagine our lives without her. Thank you for this wonderful sweet girl!

~Tania and Matt

Seal Colorpoint Lynx Female
Fudge X Tucker

Hoops (who has a vast variety of nicknames, but her favorite is "Pretty Girl") is absolutely amazing.  She is the sweetest, most adorable
cat I have ever had and she has the softest fur - she feels like a chinchilla...  We call her our "little ball of happy."   She also has what I
call the insta-purr feature - the moment you pet her or pick her up, she begins to loudly purr.  
All our best!


Snow White
Blue Mitted Female
Addy X Darcy

(Customer flew up to pick up her kitten)
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Snow White and I arrived safely in San Antonio.  She was perfect on the plane!  
She didn't make a peep and just slept the whole time.  She caused a road block at the security check because everyone was holding up
the flow because they wanted to look at her! From the moment we got to the house she has walked around like she has been here for
years! She is so sweet and is very floppy like you had said in the past.  My son and Snow White play together all of the time.  Thank you
very much for sharing her with my family!

I just wanted to give you an update on how Snow White is doing down here in Texas. She has been the best cat and is a very loved
member of the family.  My son is an only child and Snow White has become a great companion for him.  She is very easy-going and
always greets me at the front door when I get home from work. Everyone that meets her always comments on how bunny-like her fur is.  
She loves to have her fur brushed and will come running across the room when she sees me with her brush.  I just wanted to say thank
you again for sharing such a wonderful cat with our family.  I have included some pictures so you can see how much she has grown over
these few short months!


Blue Bicolor Male
Cecily X Knightly

I just wanted to let you know what a Blessing that Sparky has been to our family.  He is so wonderful.  He loves the kids and is loved by all
our family.  He adjusted immediately.  Amanda (daughter) acted like a first time mother to him, he loves to be cradled, rocked and walked
around. He brought back such joy to her. He likes to give Alex kisses and knock down Austins (son) train tracks as he builds them.  I
caught Austin carrying him to Amanda's room for time out, because he kept knocking over his bridges.  The kids adore him and he
seems to love them just as much.  No problems at all with eating or the litter box.  Thank you for raising such a wonderful kitten!!!!!!

~Karen and Family
Blue Mitted Male
Lacy X Darcy

1st Letter- He really seems bonded to Justin.  He sleeps in J's room at night, and they're buds.  Even the dogs have settled in with him
(after some coercing).  Our large male, Cody, was NOT amused when Valen tried to nurse.  In fact, he was highly indignant.  Spicy, the
smaller female, was more tolerant, if not confused, by the nursing.  We still make sure the dogs know not to chase the little guy, although
Spicy is the alpha female (second only to me), so all toys in the house belong to her.  She's still tolerant, but very unhappy, when Valen
gets too close to her chewy.  What amazes me is how the dogs let Valen bite them!  More than once I have peeled the cat off of a
Belgian face or leg.  They just sit there and take it!  We don't allow the dogs and cat in the same room if Dave and I are not home (safety
first), but everything is working out well.
Thanks for such a great kitten.  Don't be surprised if you see another check headed your way :-)

2nd Letter- It's been awhile since I last wrote you!  Valen is tremendous!  We laugh constantly at his antics even when we're peeling him
off of something, pulling him out of the trashcan (butt end up) or rescuing one of the dogs from him.  He is sooooo bonded to my son.  I
was in the bath the other night, and he was on the floor looking at me (this was after he had fallen in).  His eyes were electric blue!  They
were absolutely incredible.  He's darkening up, too.  He used to be colored like an opposum, but now his "blue" is coming out.  

Seal Bicolor
Cecily X Knightly

I just wanted to give you an update on Hemingway.  Quite frankly, he is an amazing pet!  We absolutely love him.  He is in cahoots with
our dog and frequently let our dog out of his crate.  He loves to cuddle and play but has the strangest obsession with the bathroom. We
haven't figured that out yet.  In either case I have attached a picture taken today on our porch enjoying the snow. Thank you for such a
great cat!

~Sarah and Scott
Blue Mitted Female
Knightly X Buttons

1st Letter- Just a quick update to let you know that our family can't remember what we did before we had Shiloh.  She has really found
her place here.  She is especially attached to Callie (daughter).  The first few nights, we put the kids to bed but Shiloh was so excited
that she still wanted to run and jump and play with us in the living room instead of sleeping with Callie.  This past week, however, Shiloh
has developed her own routine... by her own choice, she stays in Callie's room until Callie falls asleep (approx 20 mins) and then she
comes into the living room where David & I are... I can't believe how smart and protective she is for such a little kitten!  She and Max
(son) are also getting along well... he has learned how to carry her comfortably and she recognizes that he is her most willing and
enduring playmate... he will play with her anytime she wants for as long as she wants.  She is growing like crazy and she's just so sweet.  
Thank you for matching us with such a wonderful addition to our family!  
p.s.  We have had NO problems with scratching or clawing... she likes attention but she is not destructive at all.

2nd Letter-We just LOVE her and she keeps us occupied for hours. The other day she wandered around the house waiting for Callie to
get home... then she was pawing at Callie's picture on the refrigerator while she waited for Callie to get home this evening.  It was too
cute and I couldn't believe that she could recognize her picture!!!  She gets cuter every day... I can't believe we didn't have a cat
sooner.  :)  Everyone who sees Shiloh says she is the most beautiful kitten they have ever seen... she is a real celebrity at the vet's
office... when we arrived the first time, four techs came out from the back and said, "oh the ragdoll is here" and they all wanted to come
over to see her.  Evidently, they saw a ragdoll on the schedule and had been looking forward to her visit all day.  We are very proud
"parents".   She loves all of the attention from the kids, she has explored her new surroundings, and she gives lots & lots of kisses.  She
has found her favorite sleeping place in Callie's room.

Seal Bicolor Male
Tess x Knightly

This week Beauregard becomes 6 months old.  I decided to take him to the vet to be weighed.  Today he weighed 8 1/2 pounds.  Oh my
goodness.  Quite a big boy and for every ounce he weighs he is just that sweet.  Years ago we had a beagle named Sarah and until Beau came
to join our family she was the sweetest critter that I knew.  Here is a recent picture to share with you.  Thank you for our beautiful Beau.  He
is much more than a family pet.

I won the drawing at the TICA show back in January.  This is her rendering of my baby Beau.  I get to pick it up  on Friday and can't wait.  

Blue Mitted Female
Angel x Tucker

(It is amazing what a kitten will write when taught to type).

Dear Miss Angela,

How are you? I am really fine!
You surely picked a good home for me. I slept the whole ride to Wilmington. I ate a big bowl of food when I got here.  I started playing and
haven't slowed down yet.
At night, Ann and Sean let me sleep between their pillows. I have slept there every night all night long. My new home has lots of toys. I have a
scratching/climbing tree sort of like the one in the kitten room, just a little smaller.
They provided excellent toileting facilities and Ann and Sean complement me for cleaning up every time I use it - you taught me well.
I miss my play buddies and you and everybody but I think I am going to stay here.
Ann and Sean told me that they will send you a picture when I get a little bigger. I bet you won't believe how much I will have grown.
Love and kisses (you know I'm good at that),


Seal Mitted Male with a Blaze
Fudge X Tucker

We wanted to send a couple of pictures of Hans.  He is really started a growth spurt over the last 2 weeks.  We just
adore him - his personality is beyond wonderful!  Thank you for our little boy -

Hans enjoys playing hide-and-seek with us every day and playing with his toys.  He is just so personable and fun to be around.  We joke
that he is our  cat-dog.  He has "fetched" his mice for us.  Thank you again for our Hans!

~Cathrine and Al
Seal Colorpoint Male
Selah x Darcy

Hey hope life is good. Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how Twilight is doing. Well he is a whopping 3.4lbs. SWEET as Sugar, Cute as a
Button and LOVED by ALL! We cause a problem at the vet when we walk in! It's quite FUNNY to see ALL Work STOPS LOL then everyone
calls MY TURN!!!! and then we pass him from nurse to nurse and then the big guns come in and takes over (DR.) for his turn they ALL have
to get Kisses before we leave! We leave with the sound of bring him back soon! Thanks for such a SPECIAL boy!

Talk to you soon.     Lisa
Seal Bicolor Male
Tess x Knightly

I just wanted to send you an email and some photos of the wonderful kitten that I purchased from you. I named him Remy and he is the most
loveable cat! He follows me around everywhere when I am home or is always sitting or sleeping somewhere close to me. He is around people
and dogs often and is just the nicest boy to them all. My parents just love him as well and he stayed with them and their dog Charmin when
they have been here at their beach house. He hasn't been around other cats yet but he will be traveling home with me to Pittsburgh for
Christmas and my parents have two cats at their home up there. He is definitely spoiled but not a brat! He is very smart and listens to
me....usually! He was meant to live at the beach because he doesn't seem to mind water and doesn't put up a fight when I give him a bath. He
has an obsession with the bath tub and he plays in there often! Remy is always getting compliments about how good looking he is everywhere
he goes! I am so happy I found you and your cattery! I want to thank you for trusting me with one of your very special kittens. I hope you
and your family have had a wonderful summer and you are all starting to enjoy fall.....if it ever comes!

Take Care, Sarah
Flame Bicolor Male
Addy x Darcy

Seal Mitted Female
Cassie Lane x Darcy

I wanted to share some recent photos of Dash & Chloe with you. They are doing great and I am enjoying them so much. They are definitely
the company I needed once my daughter left for college. They are so funny together. They absolutely adore each other. Dash is quite the
good 'big brother'. Also, my vet wrote your name down to give to one of her clients who recently 'lost' her ragdoll. I don't know the lady's
name, but if you get an inquiry from Charlotte area, it may be via me. :)
Hope all is well with you & your family,
And, oh yeah.....Have a Happy Halloween. (I took these pics to put in a "BOO" frame to send in a care package to my daughter. She misses
the kittens more than me. lol)

Thanks again! Lisa
Seal Mitted Female
Cassie Lane x Darcy

I will attach a photo of Aggie.  As far as a referral, use me anytime!!!  WE love, love, love her.  She is Everything we had hoped for and more.  
She is loving, patient (with the kids), affectionate towards the other animals, and best of all my shadow.  I love that I can always look over
my shoulder and see her close by.  She is not, however, consistent with her choice of sleep spots at night.....which is my hubby's favorite
trait. :)  She makes her rounds.  We can always find her snuggling with a different family member every night.  The kids LOVE, that she is not
"just" mine.  She is a wonderful addition to our family and she is the first little thing we say hello to when we walk in the door and the last
thing we kiss goodbye before leaving. She is amazing and we couldn't imagine life without her....and hopefully in the future life with more of
her siblings running around here... ;)  I've got a little work to do on my sweet hubby.

Take care, Jen and family
Seal Bicolor Male
Angel x Caspian

Angela, Bubba is awesome! He's affectionate, attentive, funny, daring, curious, playful and is truly a blessing to me. His nicknames include
Bubbalicious, Boo, Baby Boy, and Bad Cat (I think the last one is one of his favorites). His blue eyes and very full coat make him a very, very
handsome boy. When people see him for the first time, he makes a big impression -- because he's gorgeous and because he's such a big, super
friendly guy. Not the kind of cat that hides when company comes over. Oh no, he wants to meet everybody up close and personal.
Another sweet thing he does is ask me to pick him up -- he stands on his hind legs and puts his front paws on my legs, and looks adoringly at
me. Works almost every time! I pick him up and he loves for me to hold him and just walk around with him -- maybe he likes the higher
vantage point?
Thank you, Angela, for breeding and socializing the perfect cat for me!!
Blue Bicolor Male

Tom and I just wanted to check in and report on Atlas' progress after 2 full weeks in his new home. He is exactly as you described him, a
good boy, curious, confident and very outgoing; totally socialized and with perfect manners. Atlas scratches only on sisal posts and
cardboard lounges, uses his litter box with absolutely no problems - and has even begun using the large litter box provided for Piper.  He
sleeps at night in his "safe" room and never makes a sound until he hears us in the morning. Atlas has provided us with endless hours of joy as
we watch him play with his toys, both interactive and solo. Socialization with our adult cat, Piper, has progressed at a steady pace and we
have high hopes for total integration. We could not possibly be more pleased with our precious kitten and his wonderful breeder. Thanks for
all you do to insure a smooth transition for your kittens and their new guardians.
All the best, Tom and Lucille
Blue Bicolor Male
Note:  in addition to breeding Monty we also pet sat for him several times when he lived in our area.

I just wanted to shoot you a quick email update about Monty because your family hasn't seen him in quite a while now. He's been doing great
and has adapted to Paris extremely well. Over the course of these past 2 years, he's seen Durham, New York, Montreal (twice) and he now
lives with me in Paris. He's quite a globe-trotter and, even though I'd much rather have had him live a peaceful life in a fixed location, I've
always known that I would be traveling in a lot in my early adult life and I'm glad that he has been a wonderful companion along the way. It's
not always easy and I've worried for him multiple times as he is not a fan of plane rides, but he seems to forgive me every time. Monty really
is a sweetheart and his attitude charms everyone who gets to know him. In English, people say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I've
attached 4 pictures of him which were taken in the US before we left (that would be worth 4,000 words I suppose). I will try my best to
update you in the future because Monty has been part of your family for several months over the past 2 years and I bet that your children
might be curious of his whereabouts! I still remember the first time I called Velvet Rags 3 years ago and I am very glad I stumbled upon your
family. I hope that you don't regret trusting me with Monty (who you used to name Duke if I remember correctly?) Please feel free to share
these photos with Hanna, who's been a great caretaker while I was abroad.
Best, D
Valentina & Victoria
Blue Bicolor Female & Blue Mitted Lynx Female

My girls are super!  Valentina is the curious, check-it-out personality. Her fluffy grey tail is stretched upward as she prances around each
room. Victoria is a little more reserved, but she is quickly developing a "this is home and  I'm the queen."  The excellent way the girls have
been socialized totally prepared each one with the move to my home.  They are running, playing, responding to their names and my voice.  I
am so impressed with how the girls use their litter box and my two Siamese's litter box  as well which is completely separate from their box
and their room. I was concerned how Valentina and Victoria would respond to my Bischon Frise, a two and half year old precious dog, but
both the girls love Lexee.  Lexee thinks she is their mother; she lays beside them while they eat and guards their moves. She chases both girls
who love this form of play.    As a new Mother Lexee is often exhausted, but on Wednesday night, when one of the girls made a sound or
move while sleeping on my nightstand, she immediately sat up to review the activity.  But just like a new Mother, Lexee found it hard to keep
her head up!  She sat up, looked over the girls,with her head going up and down!!! Beginning Thursday night, the girls  moved to my bed,
rotating from my bed to the couch to the tree condo to the floor under the large recliner in their room.  What has surprised me the most was
Victoria's decision to sleep close to me on my bed !!  Lexee was only one foot from Victoria's space as she rested totally secure and happy.  I
also found it surprising that Victoria slept on my bed without Valentina! My decision to purchase Valentina and Victoria is a true blessing for
me. Angela has groomed my girls to respond to my touch, my love, and home.  As an experienced Cat Mother, I am able to testify that
Angela's  cattery provides perfect kittens.  Thank you!

Karen - Mother of Valentina and Victoria
Blue Bicolor Male

Just a note to let you know Oliver got to his new home safe and sound. And what an angel cat he is!!! Within 5 minutes his tail was up and he
was purring loudly. He instantly took to his surroundings, happily exploring his new digs. I laid down on the bed with him last night and he
curled up in a ball, and laid his head on my shoulder. This morning he was very busy, already wanting to explore the rest of the house. He
escaped a couple times and has gone up and down the stairs twice. He ran into his new big sister Abigail. She hissed but stayed still. So they
have officially met.  He truly has the best temperament I've ever seen in a cat. So loving and friendly. A friend Michelle came over yesterday
to meet him, and he pranced right up to her and greeted her.
Thanks so much for this new addition to my family.
Blue Colorpoint Tortie Female

I've been wanting to write for some time but time gets away from  me. It’s hard to believe we've had Piper for 2 months now! She is the most
adorable cat we've ever met and we LOVE her to death. She is so smart and inquisitive. I love the way she looks me in the eyes and is always
so happy to see me. She follows me around the house and sits in my lap while I drink my morning pot of tea. She loves to play with Madison
and they have their own special things they do together. She's growing so much and is really pretty. She has pretty light orange spots and is
dark cream down the middle of her back with a dark gray tail from half way down to the tip. She's just beautiful and sweet. We are convinced
now of the importance of having a cat that is well socialized. She is not afraid of anyone who visits and enjoys being with us. Oh, and she talks
a lot! She will "meep" when she's getting ready to do something and sneezes when she get really excited. So funny. Our whole family loves
her so much and Mr. Bingley only took a week to accept her and since then they have become great friends. They love to romp together,
tumble and play, snooze together and clean each other. They make us laugh so much.


Katie and I have had a lot of fun raising Heidi and are so glad she is in our lives! She is an adventurous kitty, far from the passive kitten she
appeared to be at first - she has been to several new environments and is always more eager to explore them than hide in her crate. She also
seems to work well with other pets - she has spent some significant time around the rest of our family's pets and is very curious, and also
gentle with them. I can't get over how she follow us from room-to-room - I have never had a cat do that before! Another thing that I love but
am not used to is that she is a "cave cat" - she takes comfort in being in darker, enclosed spaces like her crate, the bathtub (?! - when it's
empty), under tables, and her cat tree cave. We have taught her how to walk on a leash - sort of... I consider it a win if she walks around
without gnawing at it :-) This is just so she can experience a little of the outside world - I think we've done it right, as she does not bolt out the
door when someone comes in, nor does she hate the harness. She is still long, but has filled out a bit in the middle - I think she is at 11 lbs (vet
appointment in two weeks). You were right, she looks a lot like her mother, Tess!  She has brought an immeasurable amount of joy into our
lives, and we can't imagine being without her! Thank you so much for the opportunity!
Sincerely, Dan
Addy x Darcy

I thought it was time to update you on our precious Lily.  She is thriving in her new home and is labeled by many as "spoiled rotten".  But,
when you look at that face, you can't help but love her...even when she is being bad, LOL.
Lily has quite the personality, she is sweet and loves to be held.  She follows us everywhere, all day, all night.  I guess she naps when we
are out or when Caitlyn takes her afternoon nap, you'll find her on the bed with her.  One of the things that we really like is how social she
is with strangers when they come to visit.  They of course are enamored with her too.  
Lily's upbeat, playful and loving spirit brings so much life to our home.  Her favorite toy is a hair tie, in fact, everyday she will carry one in
her mouth and bring it to us to play fetch.  Of course, as all other Ragdoll's, she is obsessed with WATER!!!  She is constantly on the
kitchen counter at the sick crying for us to turn on the water so she can have a drink.  It's obsessive, I really think there should be a study
on why these cats love water, LOL. Lily is everything that we asked for and more.  Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her and
bring her into our home.  She has truly been a blessing for us.  
Dear Ms Angela,
I wanted to show you how beautiful I am on my first birthday. As you can see I lead a hard life with Sean and Ann asking sooo much of me.
However, I found time to briefly pose for these pictures to record this historic moment in my life. They tell me that I make their lives
complete - of course I do! As you can clearly see, my tail is exceptionally long and fluffy. My eyes have remained clear, sky blue. My soft,
fur coat gets brushed about once a week. It is always a little startling to see another cat appear in the brush. In the other picture, I am
displaying my tummy to show you how, even though I do have a large appetite, I have managed to keep my girlish figure. I was posing in
one of my favorite sleeping places and I think I took a little nap.
I guess you can tell that my typing continues to improve. Maybe I'll write a book someday. Thank-you for finding me such a loving family.
Love You, DARBY